How do we deal with the side effects

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My dad is on his 5th chemo treatment, his leg and hand pain is unbearable even w/ pain medication. His life consist of moving from chair to chair in the house and walking to the bathroom. He just sits and holds his head most of the time. We ask the doc for help and all he says is that is Just part of it. Has anyone had this pain and do they know how to get rid of it?


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    Hi LoraLea,

    What chemo protocol is your dad on? My mother is on Taxol and Carbo and she hasn't had unbearable discomfort. Her oncologist said that combination isn't the worst or the best but lots of patients tolerate it.

    Of course, all patients are different and oncologists are the best in determining what combination of drugs to use. And they should also be the best to prescribe medications to handle the side effects. It's their duty as far as I am concerned.

    I remember Diane411 noting what pain medication helped her dad manage his pain. It's a patch.

    This board isn't that active so if you don't get the answer you're looking for, I would highly recommend There are a lot more members posting there and offering good advice. If you want more survivor stories, that is the place.

    I wish your dad well and good recovery.
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    I had no side effects from my chemo. Different types of chemo may have different side effects. I had Carboplatin, Taxol, and Tarceva all at the same time. I sent you a mail message with some info on what I did. Stay positive.

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    HEAT!!!! You can get oven mit looking things in PT catalogs that go in the microwave and hold their heat for almost an hour. The heat helps relax all the muscles and makes the blood move to the area that hurts. It isn't going to make it go away but it eases the pain.... the terma heat wraps work great too. I had real bad cramping in my legs so I bought the neck and back wraps and put them on my legs. Regular old heating pads work great too. I wish there was a better answer but that is what worked for me....
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    They are trying acupuncture in many areas to relieve chemo pain. Yoga, meditation, prayer, music, distraction, journaling, art,and such can sometimes give temporary relief equal to that of medicine and with lots less side effects. Some doctors specialize in pain relief. They may be able to prescribe a drug or combination of drugs that could help. Electro-stimulation can also provide pain relief when a pain expert prescribes it. Get a second or even a third opinion if the pain is unbearable. This is your dad's life and if what you are doing isn't working, get help.