HELLO to all, I'm new here

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this group. I was dx. 11/04 with OVCA stage 3c. I have had 12 chemos-6 carbo/taxol and 6 Doxil for refractory disease. My last chemo was 1/06 and my ca-125 in 3/06 was 5.1. Now however it is going back up, last ca-125 was 15.8 which is my highest ever except for pre-surgery when it was 204. Unfortunely for me ca-125 isn't a good indicator,nor is CT scans. I had a clear CT scan in june 05 and a ca-125 of 6.I then had a second look surgery and colostomy reversal.My onc/gyn could visably see more ovca, as well as the pathology report confirmed it. I'm looking forward to meeting all you great strong women here!~!~!~! Smiles and (((hugz))) perdidojo


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    Hello and welcome to a place of information, encouragement, inspiration and lots of hugs and prayers.

    Now that the doctor could 'see' the cancer as well as confirmed by pathology, what is the next step? My CA125 is also the biggest indicator of a problem for me. My tests generally came back negative, but a rise in my CA 125 over the last year urged my doctor to do surgery. So I just finished 6 rounds of chemo (my first situation was in 2000) and I will hopefully get good reports on my next CA125. Last several counts have been 8.

    Sending lots of hugs your way. Keep us informed and never give up hope. You will find many ladies here who are so inspiring with their perserverance and courage. Hoping to hear from you again soon!
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    Hi and welcome to the site. This is not a club that any of us want to be a member of but it is an amazing group of women who can help you along the way. I hope that the test show that it is not a recurrence and that that is just a normal number for you. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Welcome, so glad you found us and sorry to hear that you may be dealing with a recurrence. I have a friend whose ca125 never goes over 35 but she has a rare type of ovarian cancer.

    You will definitely find this a place to share your ups and downs, ask questions and help others. These are amazing woman here full of encouragement, enthusiam, compassion and support.

    I'll watch for your post to see what the Docs say and decide to do for you. Know you are in my prayers.

    Prayers N Hugs Bonnie