How do you keep it under wraps? I have a very visible position in my company and taking time off for surgery and whatever may follow will be tough without disclosing some information - how have you all handled it and with what levels of success?


~ Bern


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    I interviewed for and was chosen for my last job (which I recently lost because my one-person office was closed by the organization)while I was having treatments, and never had the need to disclose my cancers and treatments to them. I'm sure there are suggestions on this site from people who are knowledgable about such situations.

    I wouldn't disclose anything to anyone until I knew for sure what you'll be facing beyond the surgery, for sure. Hopefully, you won't have to address anything other than your initial medical leave.
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    Hi Bernjoesmom. I can tell you how I handled it...

    I work at a company that provides in-home healthcare. (Ironic huh? hehehe) I am 2nd in command behind the owner and had extensive contact with both clients and employees. I didn't want anyone to know that I had cancer or why I was out.

    I am blessed with a great boss. He was very supportive, understood my decision and complied with my wishes. No one knew why I was out. My boss was constantly questioned and told them my sister had been in a car accident (which she was 1 week before my surgery) and that I was staying with her for a while (which I did for 3 days after surgery.. so no real lies LOL).

    I was out for 8 weeks and when I came back everyone was so happy but didn't come out and question me as to "why". I have picked and chosen who I share it with now.

    As far as waiting until you know what you will be facing after surgery, I had my pathology report 2 weeks after surgery. Until then I couldn't know if I needed chemo/radiation, etc. So as far as that goes, you have to play it by ear.

    At any rate, hopefully, your boss will be as trustworthy. I wish you luck! I know I am blessed with a great boss and that there aren't a whole lot of them out there LOL

    Good luck... keep us posted!

    Be blessed :-)