I'm a 41-year old mother of four just diagnosed with a uterine neoplasm. I'm scheduled for an MRI next week to determine the extent of the disease and hopefully characterize it a bit better. This will be followed by hysterectomy.

The primary mass is in the posterior wall of my uterus in the myometrium - no clear borders and heterogeneous echogenicity. To better delineate it, my gynecologist did a sonohysterogram, which showed more bulging anteriorly and no margins. She looked a few times, so I doubt it was contractions - I suppose MR would be able to rule that out also if the masses disappear.

Has anyone here gone for hysterectomy to rule out adenomyoma and had it come back sarcoma? This is my greatest fear at this point and I really need support. Knowing others who've been through it would help!

I'm nervous about the hysterectomy since obviously I will be awaiting pathology for the day or two following surgery.

How do you cope with the waiting? If indeed it is malignant, I want to pursue a treatment that will keep me able to care for four kids - hubby is no domestic God...

Any advice or encouragement is appreciated!

~ Bern


  • groundeffect
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    Hi Bern,

    Please don't let the anticipation get the better of you-it's not something you can change, so it's going to be some sort of relief to find out what your prognosis will be. I used to spend a lot of time with anxiety, and now realize it's just a waste of time to dwell on something once it's in the hands of the experts.

    As far as your family is concerned, do you have anyone who could lend you a hand with cooking, if you have to have treatments? My mother-in-law pitched right in for us (my husband and I don't have children), sending a dinner with him when I had a treatment. I hope someone has suggestions on coping with the four kids (and the hubby, of course). My "kids" are the four-legged sort that can be fed from cans or a bag and don't need schoolwork help.

    I wish you the best possible diagnosis, and the least possible treatment! I used the yoga breathing technique I learned a LOT through my experience. It's not hard to learn; if you haven't tried a yoga class, you might want to see if you could borrow a tape or dvd at your library that would include a direction on it.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi Bern,
    I am having a hysterectomy on November 3rd for adenomyosis (or so the gyno thinks that is what I have)the only test that I have had is 2 transvaginal ultrasounds. One interpreted by a pathologist who stated that I have a tumor on my uterus and an ultrasound done by the gyno who said he thought it was adenomyosis. Bern, what is your symptoms? I have all the classic symptoms of endometriosis.