Colon Cancer

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I would like to introduce myself as Nicolate. My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer Feb 2006.
A large tumor was removed with 2 nodes involved.
She decided no chemo. Her Stage is IIIB. Her CEA level went from 3 in March to 32 now. As her only living relative I am frightend by what to expect. The docs seem unable or unwilling to provide a prognosis so that I can plan for this journey. What pain is involved, how is it managed, what can I do for her psychologically, etc. If anyone has gone down this path, I would appreciate and feedback. Scared and alone.


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    Hi Nicolate. My mother was originally diagnosed with colon cancer in 8/03 Stage II. Since then she has had 4 recurrences, of the last one it was Stage III and had most of her colon removed. She had no treatment the first two, but had treatment the latter two. She just had her first treatment for the most recent recurrence last week. I live almost 300 miles away from her so I have not been able to make all of her dr. appts., but I have been able to communicate with them somewhat. They seem to feel her prognosis is still good and that she is "treatable", as they say. She only completed 75% treatment after the last recurrence because she was not tolerating the pills very well. Hopefully, she can tolerate this round and get through it. She will be done in 3/07. I can relate to your psychological and fear concerns. I have been able to cope so far only through prayer, because it is very scarry. My mom is such a strong lady. She has always taken care of herself, never smoked, drank, ate good, etc. I don't know why this has happened...anyway, you hang in there and remain to be there for your mom. Has she ever considered juicing or any natural forms of treatment?
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    Hi Nicolate, I'm Lindsey. My mom was diagnosed stage 4 in10/03. It has been a long, hard struggle that isn't over yet. All I can say is that in the hardest times all your mom probably needs is just to have you there with her. She will understand that most of the time you won't know what to say, or how to make it better. When it gets to these times, give mom a hug, tell her you love her, and you'd be suprised how much that really helps. As far as the pain involved it depends on what the doctors plan to do. My mom has had many surgeries, and 2 full rounds of chemo. Each time it was different. Again, the most you can do for mom is to be there. If you get tired, cranky, or just want to be alone, go outside (or somewhere mom won't hear), and get it out. Scream at a tree, throw a hairbrush across the room, or call a friend that doesn't mind being yelled at. Just get it off your chest and then go back in and do what needs to be done. As for your being afraid, we all are. Just keep a positive mind and attitude, and enjoy every day with her. Hope this was helpful.
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    please don,t be scared and alone; my mother died 3 years ago not of cancer. ihad wish god would have taken one of my kids, then my mother.if you would like me to pray for your motherover the cell phone or bed side i will. phyllis