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Hello All:

I was first diagnosed with lung cancer over 3 years ago. I joined a lung cancer board similiar to this one, and have been there ever since. Just recently, they merged with LUNGevity, which is an organization dedicated to raising funds exclusively for lung cancer research.

Some friends from that board have organized a walk for lung cancer in Boston on November 11th. Since I can't make it there, nor because of job constraints do I have the opportunity to organize an event here I, and others, have decided to Satellite Walk in our respective cities on the same day. Although we are walking alone, we know that not only are our fellow survivors 'walking' virtually with us, but we carry the memories of those we lost with us.

I have been trying to get the word out to as many people as I can, and this morning thought of this board. I am going to copy the email that I am sending out to my friends and family below. If you want to donate to my fundraising page, that of course, would be wonderful but if you just take the time to copy my letter and forward it to your friends and family, that would be awesome. I am preaching to the choir by telling you all how much we need to raise money for better options in lung cancer research. If you yourself would like to satellite walk in your city for lung cancer, please email me at the address listed below.

Thank you for reading, and my best wishes to you and yours- Debi

'My name is Debi W. In June of 2003, after having the upper and mid lobe of my right lung removed, I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer, Adenocarcinoma Stage 1A.

Although I never wanted to be an advocate for lung cancer, I feel driven by the fact that I have survived a disease that kills over 85% of its victims. Last year alone, 164,000 people died from lung cancer and yet, funding for lung cancer research is minimal at best. Despite claiming more lives than any other cancer, lung cancer receives comparatively little research funding.

November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. On November 11th, fellow lung cancer survivors and caregivers will be participating in the Boston Lung Cancer Walk to raise money for the LUNGevity Foundation. Although I can't make it to Boston to physically walk with my friends, I will be 'satellite' walking in my own city at the same time, and will be joined by others across the country doing the same. (If you would like to walk in your own city or have any questions, please email me at

I would appreciate whatever donation you can give toward lung cancer research. Even more importantly, please pass this email on to your friends and family and help our voices to be heard loudly! Thank you!'

View my fundraising page at


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    Hi Debi-- how nice to hear from a 3 year survivor! Congratulations on your efforts to organize a satellite walk in your city. . . I appreciate the information, and will "walk in spirit" with you on November 11th!