Oropharyngeal cancer

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Hi, I`m back!

Well my CAT scan came back as was expected. Then I had to have a bone scan and PET scan. The results were not so bad. It is stage 1 right tonsil cancer but with no lymph node involvement.

I had the surgery last Thursday (9/14th).
They took both tonsils and
they had to take more tissue around the right tonsil than they had thought and also had to take part of the tongue on the right side. I am doing great tho. The pain is being managed extremely well and I was able to come home the same day as the surgery.

Because no lymph nodes are involved I won`t need chemotherapy, only radiation therapy. I have to wait 5 weeks for the surgery to heal up then the radaition begins.

I am feeling very positive about the outcome of this. I have turned it all over to God and so far he is doing just great by me.

It is so nice to have a place like this to come to for support. I want to thank everyone that comes here, it means a lot to have you all here.

Will keep updated as I go and am sure I will have lots of questions before this is over.



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    Thanks for the update... I saw your more recent posts and hope things are getting better for you.

    Take care,

    CSN Dana
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    Say Trafficbrenda,
    I was diagnosed with Throat Cancer in 2004. Surgery 15 July, Cancer found on the back of my tounge just under my voice box and wasn't expected to talk again, fooled them. I had radical surgery from the right side of the neck taking and removing everything on this side which caused radical nerve damage by cuting every nerve on the right side. Table spoon size doubled thickness was taken from the tounge. Doc re configuered my tounge in such a way that I was able to talk, Doc didn't think it would work, but it did. I spent 5 days in ICU from this surgery under heavy sadation, kept pulling everything out IV and feeding tube and such. 5 days in a room. Had the radiation for 8 weeks 5 days a week. Ain't going threw that **** again and am still recovering from that. Doc says I may never recover from this surgery and radiation which caused nerve damage, re configured may neck and made the right side of the neck so tight feels as though that I'm being chocked on the right side and numb from the top of the ear to the shoulder. LOL, also hardley no beard to shave and lost of hair on the back of neck, barbers know how to cut my hair...........
    Funning thing is After surgery and radiation I was being made fun of by people on the streets and where I work.........Know somewhat a diabled person goes through now.............and Yes it hurt my feelings.............
    But I just say I'm alive...........
    Had a good friend pass away last week and she fought cancer since 2003........I'll miss her.
    Brenda, you just do what has tobe done and what every happens grin and bear it.........
    I thinking about going to the schools to tell kids what I have gone through and maybe change there lives while there young. Wish ASC could arrange these talks for us, would help some of us coup with this cancer and it's disfigurement it causes.................
    You just hang in there Kid and may GOD Bless You with long and painless life...........
    I guess what hurt the most was that my Wife Gail took care of her dad for six months prior to his death from cancer in 1992..........Two of her loved ones with cancer and she took care of us both.............Gail is a strong women. Plus being a Police Officers wife for going on 32 years and raised two boys who are doing great......(thinking of medical retirement soon)
    Thing is that after I was done with the treatment and such my neighbor friend died of his cancer and didn't get to see his Grandson..
    Well, I asked God to give me a Grandchild before anything else happen. January 4th, 2007 a Grand Daughter was born into the family, a gift from God I call her............my Angel.........
    I was told that cancer would return sometime and now I live like I'm dieing tommorrow (somewhat)
    Just enjoy what you have and don't expect special treatment You still have to live for those around you and do so and Thank God for all that you have everyday................