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hello there i am new to this but i was reading throught the message boards i am from the uk and i am 22, my dad around 6 months ago was told he had small lymphatic lymphoma basically NHL but a different kind...its been hard finding out this and having to deal with what will each new day bring us all...i sometimes feel helpless for him as i am see him suffering but cant do so much, he has just started his first cycle of chemo, which was 7th of september 2006 he has to have it for 3 days every month...he has to form of chemo tablets...his on about 15 a day is that how it works for most people??? i think i know everything there is to now about this illness but i want it from a persons point of who is like myself knows some1 who some1 who has it themsevles. my main question is he gets a terrible pain in his spleen i know this is normal but it shoots him through to the back has any body else experienced this?? he said its almost like a trapped nerve in this back?? and his getting quite short of breath my 2nd question is NHL makes u have shortness of breath and a side effect of the chemo is and they tell u to report this side effect to the docter straight away how are u meant to know which is causing the problem??

sorry for such a long message MY GOD BE WITH ALL OF US AND MY HEARTH GOES OUT TO YOU ALL


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    Hi, it is difficult to advise as there are so many forms of lymphoma and so many different treatment options. I think the important thing is that any adverse reaction should be reported to the oncologist, who will then determine whether it is the treatment that is causing the symptom. If it is, sometimes the dose might be adjusted or treatment options reviewed.

    I wish your father well. I have just started my treatment for grade 1 follicular lymphoma stage 1V and am getting three days of chemo, fludarabine and cytoxan (with rituxan on the first day) and then three weeks off.I do not have to take anything in between but, as I said, there are quite alot of treatments available. I wish you and your father well. Maybe his lymphom is pressing on some nerves, causing the pain in the spleen. Do you know where the lymphoma is?
    I am originally from the UK, by the way!
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    if this lymphoma has effected the lymph nodes all through the body, it will most likely involve the spleen, probably enlarged, which could be the cause of the pain there. Also, there are lymph nodes in the chest area, and an enlarged lymph node there can most certainly cause shortness of breath. As those lymph nodes shrink, those effects should go away.