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Where to start. Nine months ago. i noticed a pain that radiated down the side of my throat on the left side. with slight ear pain. ONLY when swallowing cold beverages. have been to the doc several times, gave me antibiotics and nose spray. The throat pain has not become worse.. but better or stays the same. the symptoms are not apparent on a daily basis but more noticable when i have drainage running down the back of my throat. also i have just discovered that one of my tonsils are slightly enlarged (same side) no pain apparent. if this was cancer wouldnt it be worse by now? i do have teeth (same side) that has needed to befixed for a year now. i am 25 years old i do not drink and only smoke on occasion. i am being seen by an ENT doctor next week but it would ease my mind if i knew that possible something else could cause this. Thanks so much


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    It would seem that in nine months you would have had more symptoms if it were cancer. My partner's has increased in size dramatically in a few weeks and it has become much more difficult to eat. The tonsil enlargement could be simple tonsilitis. Good luck!