Need help finding my sister who has breast cancer

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My younger sister and i had a falling out a few years ago and have not spoken since. I have an email account that I hardly ever use and just a few days ago I checked that account and found an email from my sister telling me that she has stage 4 breast cancer. It was dated August 9th. I emailed her back and called the last known phone number I had from her and have had no response or the number has been disconnected. I've paid for an internet search and I've come up totally blank. Her name is Lotus Turpen and she last lived in Lilburn, Georgia. I am desperate to get in touch with her. I can't stand the thought of her thinking I don't care. I know that no hospital or doctor can give out information, but I just want to get a message to her. I was thinking of calling hospitals in the area, but there are so many. I realize that this may be pointless, but I am trying everything, no matter how remote. If anyone has any ideas of how i could go about tracking her down please let me know. I have to find her.


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    Maybe you could leave YOUR name,number and email addy at the Cancer treatment centers. The personel at the centers are wonderful people. they may pass it on to your sister. OR if you send snail mail to the last known address...just some ideas...
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    I have an idea. Do you know the last steet name that your sister lived at in Lilburn, Ga. If you do use the internet address below. It is a search method that can give you the names of your sisters neighbors and their phone numbers. Then you could call some of the neighbors that live close by. If she has moved somewhere else they may know or if she still lives their I am sure that they will be more than happy to give you some news and help you get in touch with her. This may not work.. But thought it might be an avenue that you did not know existed.

    By the way if you don't know the address but you know the phone number, then unless it is unlisted you can use this internet address to get the address.

    Take Care... God Bless... I hope you manage to find your sister soon.

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    This is such a sad situation, kuwona. I can only imagine how you must feel.

    It's worth trying to find out what newspaper serves the town of Lilburn, GA and then place an ad...may have to spend a bit to get an adequately sized one, which she, or someone who knows her, would likely see. May bring some info though. Suggestion: If it's a small weekly paper, then run it for 4 weeks at least. For a larger, Metro daily, maybe run it for 2 weeks.

    Also, I'd call the editor of the newspaper, once you find out which one serves Lilburn, and I'll bet the editor will be more than happy to do a "human interest" story about this, which will get even more notice and likely bring even more info. If your sister lived and worked in that area for much time at all, someone will surely know something about her whereabouts and/or health status. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, babysitters she may have used, and if singel, guys she may have known, etc.. Also try utility companies as a source. No matter where we live, almost all of us have utilities in our names, right? Not sure of their privacy policies though...what they could or could not share with you. Nothing to lose by giving it a go really. Desperation is the Mother of Invention, so be creative. Sometimes, just in doing so, someone may give you a tip or helpful hint which can really make a difference. All the best in finding her!!!

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