ALCL (Anaplastic Large T-Cell NHL)

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I would like to talk to anyone out there currently battling or has battled with this Cancer.


  • BBarlow
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    I have a teen daughter diagnosed with ALCL Jan05. Currently in remission, and off chemo treatment since Feb06.
  • carrie_b
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    ALCL diagnosed in 2009
    Hi there, I see not too many people diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma...wondering how the previous posters are doing now that a few years have passed. I was diagnosed with ALCL ALK-neg. in Jan. 2009, underwent the rigorous CHOEP-21 and radiation. As of June 2009 I was in remission. However, new lumps in armpit have surfaced and am waiting for results of pathology before beginning new treatment plan which will most likely include stem cell transplant. Just wondering if there are any survivors out there!?
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    dont get discoraged its a hard fight but try hard and you will beat it
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