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First I want to say how glad I was to find this site. My husband of 34 yrs has recently been diaganoised with adenacarcinoma non-small cell lung cancer about 6 weeks ago. We are about through the testing stage now, and facing surgery next week. He had had NO symptoms, and it was caught on a routine work physical xray. It is a large tumor about 7.6 cm in size and the location apparently is going to cause him to lose both upper and lower left lung lobes.
Needless to say I'm scared. I have some major health issues myself with a past open heart surgery and emphysemia (oh yeah, we both were smokers and are in the process of quitting right now with all the other stress) and have been on disability for the past 5 yrs, so up till now he has been my pillar of strength and part time caregiver when he's not working.
We're going to get through this..not sure how, but I'm grateful to have found a place to come and talk. Thanks for listening, and I pray each of you find strength daily to continue your struggles.


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    Hello Moonie, welcome to our humble place here. Sorry to hear about your husband. But there is so much that they can do now. So many improvements even over a year ago. Hopefully you'll find some information on these boards that will help you ask the right questions at your doctor. My Dad had lung cancer 19 years ago. He was a lifelong smoker who had quit and did all kinds of healthy things..riding a bike for a couple hundred miles each summer after he retired. He just got a cough one day that they thought was pluersy, then they thought he had TB. Finally when it was diagnosed it was too late for him. Had they been able to catch it sooner there were things they could have done for him. I wish you all the best. Ask lots of questions. Get second, third opinions. There is MUCH they can do now. I send you a prayer and a hug. Cindy PS: Keep us posted!