how deadly is throat cancer? symptoms anyone?

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I think I have throat cancer, and I'll be meeting with my doctor soon, but, what I want to know is, how deadly is throat cancer? Is it like other cancers? What symptoms have you seen before going to your doctor?


  • OldNorske
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    Hoarseness was the only symptom I had. My doctor at first dianosed it as a sinus infection. When the antibiotics didn't help, he sent me to a specialist who found a cancerous tumor. I've had surgery and radiation over the past few months, but I'm feeling good now. Still have a ways to go to be at full strength, but my rechecks have all been very good. Good luck to you.
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    My partner was just diagnosed so I sympathize and wish you well. Our oncolocgist said throat cancer is the least likely to spread outside the area, and has a high cure rate. The trick is to catch it early before there is lymph involvement but even then it's still likely to be curable. The symptoms were a scratchy throat and white patches on the tonsil and side of the throat. Treated with antibiotics twice, then to an ENT doc who diagnosed it. It's stage 3 and inoperable but they still feel radiation and chemo will completely melt the tumor. Best of luck to you!