chemo not working. Now what?

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I have been battling PC for almost 6 years have done radiation , hormone therapy and now chemo for six months. It would appear that the chemo is not going to help, my psa has doubled in a little over a month while on chemo.The PC had metasatized to my bones about a year ago and I tried the chemo route. Has anyone had experience in what may lie ahead for me. I have a bone scan scheduled in a few weeks to see how much the metastacis has spread.


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    My father's PSA also skyrocketed after the first 2 treatments, and then it started to come down dramatically. Talk to your doctor. My Dad's doctor said it was normal to skyrocket (up to 89) after the first few treatments. It was down to 4 by the end of the 6 months.
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    My father has chemo since last October .Doctor told us during treatment psa is not a reliable test .Because When the cells are effected and killed by chemo psa rises Some time even it doubles during a month . My father has bone scan every 6 month to evaluate chemotherapy's effect .