how to choose a surgeon?

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Can anyone recommend a thoracic surgeon for lung cancer at M.D. Anderson in Texas?
Is there somewhere to find a list of top[ surgeons in the U.S?
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    Hi Sarah,

    As laypeople, we're so clueless about surgeons, I think your best bet is to first ask your primary doctor. Doctors know the rep of other doctors very well. I remember when the thoracic surgeon first confirmed the lung cancer diagnosis and he asked if we had an oncologist. Of course we didn't. Nor did we know any onocologist. So, he took it upon himself to select one for us. We're satisfied with his selection.
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    I have no experience with MD Anderson, but I had a top notch thoracic surgeon in Boston, MA. His name is Benedict Daly, M.D. He runs the Thoracic Oncology Center at Boston Medical Center, and is very prominent in the field. If you contact his office, he should be able to make a fine recommendation for a surgeon at MD Anderson.

    Boston Medical Center
    Thoracic Oncology Center
    Administrative Office:
    88 East Newton Street
    Suite 402
    Boston, MA 02118
    Telephone:(617) 638-5600
    Fax: (617) 638-7382

    Good luck.
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    Hi there,

    Our primary care physician referred us to an oncologist. However, he was on vacation. We ran into that A LOT over the summer. All doctors seem to go on vacation during summer months. I also just started asking around and had my friends asking their primary care physicians.

    I've read wonderful things about MD Anderson. I would look for an oncologist who, maybe, specializes in your type of cancer.
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    Dr Stephen Swisher is a thoracic surgeon at MD Anderson and I can tell you from personal experience he is great. You can get the number from the MD Anderson Web site
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    ALL the surgeons at MD Anderson are top notch. Otherwise, they would not be associated with MD Anderson! Just pick one! I am a 16 month NSCLC survivor and I pray for your speedy recovery!

    Best regards, Madelyn