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I've hit rock bottom. I've spent my entire Sunday unable to sleep. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at four, and I am now 27 years old. Despite how I deceive myself, I have not worked through all the mental scars that cancer gave me. I have problems with drugs and alcohol. I am extremely guarded, and I think that caused me to recently lose my girlfriend of 4 1/2 years.

I would just like to know that maybe I'm not the only one out there with these problems and what the first step to recovery is.

A kind word would go a long way. Thank you.


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    Hi Kroll,
    I sent you a short note directly to your email, but also wanted to respond to the bulletin board in case any of these resources could be helpful to someone else. (disclaimer: I'm not an expert, I'm just a cancer survivor who stumbled across this site today)

    All of the things you speak of are things that usually take help from others to get through/ beyond. Maybe these resources will help get you started. If at all possible, please find a counselor/therapist with experience in survivors of childhood illness. Is there a follow-up clinic near you that might be able to refer someone?

    Here are some other resources I've found...

    It's the worst thing in the world to feel so alone and so burdened. But you aren't alone!

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    Imagine my suprise when I come here looking for answers for myself and find you. You touched my heart. I am going to tell you my story. In the winter of 2004 my husband had a sore on his ear that would not heal. So off we go to a plasic surgion, and cutting off about a fourth of his ear,scraping a chunk off of his nose and cheek,we were feeling pretty lucky when it all came back as Basil(spelling?) cell. We went about living our lives. Come to find out Cancer was not done with us. In may of 2006 I am getting ready to go to my yearly Doc. visit. 12 mammograms pictures,4 surgeries later we are at an oncologist office making a plan because I am stage 3a breast cancer (4 out of 24 lymph nodes, tumor size just under 5mm). In november, I am getting the last of my chemo and planning my radiation, my husband has been scraped,burned and lost most of his right ear (yes, we were still fighting his skin cancer!), our 17 year old son comes home from football practice and shows me this strange bumb on his neck. (Stay with me now, I promise this is all true!) One week later we are at the surgions office being told our son is stage 3 hodgkins lymphoma! He also gets chemo and radiation. Finally in may of 2006 we are all done. Lots of follow-up visits, lots of skin monitering, lots of prayers.

    I have told you my story so you know that when I say I understand, you might believe me. Your first step is to know that there is a problem. You second step is to FACE that problem. Alcohol and drugs are your way of HIDING the core of what is bothering you. Beating cancer at the age of 4 proves that you are a fighter!! Go to your local hospital or pastor. Tell someone you WANT (not need) help. Don't ever forget that the things you have been through are to make you stronger so you can give back to the world. Yes, I do think life stinks when it throws nasty stuff at you, but life is also very beautiful when you find yourself on the rainbow! Try the sites that Corduroy gave you. Find someone in your community ( or maybe outside your community) that has the faith to carry you for awhile. Then as the saying goes...Just put one foot in front of the other...
    Stay in touch...lots of prayers...drenna