My partner just had a bilateral mastectomy.

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I just wanted to post something... My mother is a 27 1/2 year survivor, she was diagnosed with Pagets when I was only 6 and had a radical unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. She is the strongest woman I've ever met and admire her to no end.
The irony of life, my significant other had an 87% chance of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she opted for preventative surgery and on August 1st had a bilateral mastectomy. After the pathology came back they advised the cells had already started to turn, she couldn't have waited any longer. She is 32. She opted for immediate reconstruction and has moments of regret. She is now in my list of strong women, she was before this, she is a firefighter who is used to saving lives, not having to fight for her own per se.
Basically, I think I just wanted to verbalize it all. Any thoughts are welcome. My heart goes out to you all who have lost & survived. *hugs*


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    Wow never heard of anyone having such a high risk for cancer. Even though I was very sick at the time of my diagnosis doctors kept telling me that it was less than 10% chance even though I had paternal grandmother who died less than 10 years later with bone cancer after her fight. Doctors believed my chances were that low mostly because of my age I believe. At that time in 1996 seemed to be the real start of young women fighting this older woman's disease.
    I would have to say your partner is very lucky to have someone sticking by her side when most can't. I too have been very fortunate to have my long time partner still with me even though my fight back to health was a long drawn out process of many years. Cancer and treatments brought me places I never wanted to be. I began with one disease Cancer and ended up with many diseases I am left to cope with, but I am alive.
    I am 9 years IDC breast cancer survivor of stage 3 with 11 out of 21 positive nodes. I stick around this site so others can see that survival is all around us. I had to work hard to get my body and life back but I am now working harder than I ever have. I am now mudding and taping drywall even though doctors thought I would always be sickly and unable to handle a full time job. Instead I worked hard and searched for things to help me and now actually have alife to live.
    I never did reconstruction because even surgery caused me problems. Am I sorry I never replaced them?? Sometimes, I am but mostly I have accepted things as they are and glad I won't put myself through anymore trauma, my demise.
    I am glad you found a place to say what you were feeling and know that you two are not alone. Your girlfriend a very strong person to decide removal before something could happen. Not easy at this stage in our lives.
    I am just glad that other's have partners who can stick by them while they go through some very difficult times because we all need somebody...
    Be good to yourselves,
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