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Hi Ladies - I haven't had radation in about 3 weeks because they have been draining my breast - once that gets under control I will finish my radation. I have felt so good this week I kind of dread going back - anyway, this morning I noticed my breast is peeling - icky!!! I don't really know if it is from my breast going from huge back to small (because of the fluid in it) or if it is from the radation. What I do know is yuck and am looking for advice on what to put on her to help her. They had told me at radation No deodrant (can you imagine, I live in TX), no lotions, no shaving, etc... But since I am not in radation at the moment, what do ya'll think?
Thanks in advance :)
hugs and prayers


  • KathiM
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    Yup, critter, I think you are right....whenever I have had swelling anywhere, after 'normal' size is back, my top layers of skin having a sunburn.
    BUT, call your rad/onc about this, altho it sounds like you have...
    I used Aquaphor cream...yucky stuff, but it does the trick....nothing in it to impede anything...almost vasaline in consistency....
    The big thing is to watch for ANY infection...THAT would DEMAND a call, day or night, to your doc....
    I also used to take camomile baths (turn on the tub tap, hang a few camomile tea bags under the water, fill the tub, soak) for sunburn, maybe that would help..Again, call your doc...if he/she says "It won't hurt", then try it...that is always MY philosophy...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I was told the same as you but they did add that I could use a water based cream. What a challenge finding one instead of the usual oil base. Oil traps the heat in so is no good.
    Finally I found a cream found by perscription only and it wasn't expensive. Don't know why doctors just don't tell us things and where to find them here I thought I could find one in a store NOT.
    I was wondering?? Was the swelling due to infection because I did have chemo delayed and breast drained due to ongoing infection in my own. Just wondering...
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    I'm a fan of pure aloe gel. If the area is burning or stinging I would keep the gel in the refrigerator - soothing as you apply it
  • Future
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    I'm a fan of pure aloe gel. If the area is burning or stinging I would keep the gel in the refrigerator - soothing as you apply it
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    my favorite is PURE shea butter.I did not 'slough' at all from my rads..good for healings of cuts and age spots!
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    Hi Critter,
    Well, I used aloe gel when I had ratiation. I had radiation to my head, and neck. There are great aloe gels that are made of a high concentration of aloe. Ask your Dr about this.
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    they told me not to shave and to use a natural deodorant, but i just did things as usual. i did have some peeling under the breast from the radiation. and the doctor said it was also because i was still wearing underwire bras (but they're so pretty!!). i put pure aloe lotion on mine and it cleared up pretty quickly. i didn't have a break in the radiation, though. hugs!! kat
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    I had real bad burning from the radiation, and I couldn't stop. My flesh was oozy, smelly, hurt, and couldn't wear a bra at all! I showed the oncology nurses and they gave me 3 different things to use as the burning progressed. Started with something like vaseline, then another creamy stuff, then the hard core, bright, bright orange stuff I had to paint on. That did the trick. Ask the nurses. They'll hook you up with their own stuff. You don't have to buy anything.
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    I read the other women's recommendations. I agree aquaphor is wonderful and aloe is also great. I have had breast cancer twice, once each breast. I peeled both times, however the first time I had the same time burns as prayerangel and the couldn't give me a break, my husband had to take a week off from work to help with the kids. My radiology nurse gave me burn pads, they were soothing if put in the fridge first, they really helped. Hospitals use these pads for burn patients, you can just lay them on the problem area and relax for awhile. Hope this helps, glad you got a break. I used deodorant every day after a treatment, didn't really need to shave much, nerve damage from lymph node dysection. Good luck.