lung cancer with issues

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Somehow the website gave me the user name igiveup. Mine is mjsouth. Just so you'll know who you're responding to. Thanks for the reply, it really helps to talk and know people care. jgs


  • kaitek
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    Hi mjsouth,

    Your user name did startle me upon first sight. Relieved to hear that the website created that name for you and you didn't choose that name. It has such a hopeless connotation that I hope does not reflect your attitude at all.

    I echo your last sentiment.
  • reinstones1
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    I heard something comforting in church today-- something I KNOW, but of which I constantly need to be reminded. . .

    "A doctor hands out a diagnosis, but only GOD knows the PROGNOSIS."

    Keep the faith.

    (p.s.-- may I suggest that you log out of the ACS website using the "igiveup" name and re-login using "mjsouth"? "Igiveup" is just too depressing, and if you have another screen name you should use it!)