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i just wanted to say thanks so much for the encouraging words. i sure appreciate every one of them! i will be looking forward to that peace and joy hanging out with me every day. i know this wonderful man who i talk to sometimes. when things are tough he always tells me that God has good things for you and you will see blessings from this. it is nice to know that God is hanging out with you and that He only wants good things for us.
today is much better. it is friday which means i get to sleep in tomorrow. that always makes it a good day!
i go back to the doc to get "drained" again. i usually don't mind, but last time i got a little sick so i am a little nervous but it will be alright. good news is that my "special" breast (i read that phrase and really liked it) is getting better so i hope to get back to radation soon so i can be done.
hope you all have a great weekend - thanks again


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    Anytime, critter, that is what we are all here support each other!

    Hugs, from a been-there-done-that-its-over-beast-is-dead person!