Stage 4 SCLC

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My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 sclc. We have been devasted with the news knowing the prognosis is poor. I am wondering if there are any people living with this or if there are any survivors of stage 4 sclc. My father could use the inspiration.

Praying for all who are going through any cancer!! God bless!!


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    Almost 8 yrs. ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 or 4. Had a lobectomy, chemo and radiation. I am a 63 year old wife and grandmother. Please let him know that there certainly are survivors out there and he should think positively and so should everyone around him. I worked after surgery, during chemo and radiation and it was the best thing for me. Good luck!!!!
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    "We have been devasted with the news knowing the prognosis is poor."

    It's a natural reaction, especially in light of most of the discouraging stats of the prognosis of late stage lung cancer. That's why I rely more on stories of lung cancer survivors, particularly those of advanced stages and stage 4 NSLC.

    There is hope and there is actual empirical evidence that even someone like your father can survive.

    Keep the faith. Good luck and take care!