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Does anyone who gets this awful disease is stage 2 with nodes involved but does everything prescribed by doctor ever survive without the ca going into some other part of the body. Seems as if once you conquered the br ca it is found in another part of the body. Hoping for the best outcome and 1 yr out but afraid of the stats and the future.


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    Certainly many of us survive. I am in my 7th year and my sister in her 10th. I have two aunts who had their one and only mastectomies and cancer treatments back in the 1960's. Neither has had a recurrence, although both had lymph node involvement I believe. I know my sister and I both did. Hang in there and try not to focus on whether it's come back. You could be hit by a car this afternoon afterall. Just enjoy every day and appreciate the life you have, would be my advice!
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    I am the proud survivor of 2 cancers...BUT they were NOT related, even down to what type they were.
    My breast ca NED just started....finished rads in, who knows....
    ANY victory is a solid victory, when its against the beast....but, sadly, once it is encountered, you must be more found a chink in your armor....

    That said, live each day to its fullest, you could also get hit by a car.....sigh....we don't know when or where our time will end, just enjoy the time we do have....

    Hugs, kathi
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    Absolutely. You are more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer. But, you need to do more than the doctor tells you to maximize your chances. You will reduce your risk of recurrence about a further 50% if you exercise more than 9 hours a week, and you will reduce your risk further if you eat more than 9 servings of fruit and veggies a day. Simple steps.


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    Yes, many survive for 20 or 30 years... I intend to make it 50 more.... since I am just now 50. In reality you have a greater chance of dieing from a car accident than from Cancer. So try to get out and live you life. That is not to say that all of us don't worry at least a little about recurrence. But don't let it over take your life.

    Try to have fun and love life. You have earned it.

    Take Care. God Bless.