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**this is a duplicate post to a reply that I left for you on an old message... I wasn't sure if you would get that one!**

Dear Maria,
I'm so sorry that I didn't reply earlier. I didn't know that your message was here!
It has now been almost a year since my husband had his surgery and he is just now starting to get some strength back. He's lost about 65 pounds. Unfortunately, last week he came down with Shingles and we found out that he has osteo arthritis in his hip...we can only assume that these are from the chemo and radiation.
We are told that he will feel the effects of these treatments for a long time.
We remain full of hope and take life day by day. In a few weeks we go for his one year checkup with pet scans and biopsies...we travel to Md anderson hospital in Texas for his checkups.
We've been living life in three month increments inbetween scans...if these next scans continue to be clear then the doctors will have us come only every six months.
I hope that you are feeling good and that the chemo/radiation haven't gotten you too down.
It is so hard with little ones...our three year old doesn't really understand, but our six year old understands too well. How are your children handling everything?
What part of the world are you in?
My best wishes and prayers,