Small cell lung cancer

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I am in remission and am going to have Prophylatic Cranial Irradiation (brain radiation). If anyone has had this please let me know the side affects.


  • KeepPraying
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    My mom is currently having whole brain radiation for tumors that are currently there. I have been reading about PCi though. My mother's side effects from RT is hair loss, fatigue, scalp blisters (inside ears, forehead, scalp)redness of skin (head and neck). Hope this helped.

  • LVsurvivor
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    I had PCI Jan 06 and experienced few side effects. (It is lower dose than for mets.) I was tired & lost all my hair again; took 3 months for it to start to grow back. No burns, nothing else. That was it! I was concermed about my head being bolted to a table (a bit claustrophic) and took an Ativan 30 min prior to each treatment. Good luck.
  • AJL
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    I was diagnosis with sclc about 5 years ago and I had brain radiation as a pre-emptive measure.
    After a few round of radiation I experienced hair loss,fatigue,and headache. The hold procedure only take few minute.I usually take a couple of aspirin before each treatment. Other than that there should be no other side effect.

    Take care.

  • pkaz53
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    I am a survivor of small cell lung cancer had preventitive radiation to the brain 15 treatments in early 2004 lots of fatigue,sensitive to sun and bright lights, loss of hair-- some came back some didn't I also have some hearing loss
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    Hi. My dad has just had 2 weeks of whole brain radiation. He previously had a small tumour removed and has another tiny one which they said the radio will zap out.
    He is quite a robust man so coped very well with it. He had tiredness, hair loss and some redding of the skin, which he applied aloe vera to. He tells me he feels better each day. He had also been quite active. I guess he experienced some lack of appetite but once he started eating he said he was ok.
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    My boyfriend has NSCLC with brain mets and had 3 weeks of whole brain radiation and experienced little to no side effects. A little hair loss so he shaved his head. Actually had alot of energy (could be the steroids he was on) had a great appetite. A little redness but that is all. Says it wasn't a bad experience at all.
    HOpe this helps & good luck with it all!