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I had an upper right lobectomy in July, 2005. My surgery was successful (Thank God). I have had CT Scans every 3 months and last month had a chest Xray. My problem is sometimes I start to cough and at first it does not worry me because my scans are clear. It does worry my family and then of course it comes back to worry me. I was at my son's house for the weekend and he asked me why was I coughing so much. I told him that it was probably because of the air conditioner and he told me that I was coughing even before he turned the air conditioner on. Does any one else have this coughing problem at times? Also has anyone noticed that your cough has a different sound after surgery as compared to before surgery?


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    I had an upper right lobectomy in October, '01. I have a tendency to have more congestion in my lungs lately, but I don't know if it's attributable to age (72) or my congestive heart failure. I have confidence in my oncologist and my scans, which, as of 7/20/06, tell me that I show no signs of cancer.
    I believe that the type of cough makes a big difference. If it is non-productive, it could be some sort of irritation. If it is productive, it could indicate some sort of chronic, low-grade infection. In any case, your doctor should be the one to make the diagnosis.
    Keep in mind that we all develop a certain paranoia over recurrence of the cancer, and every symptom sets us off. That is normal. Your scans are clear, so, in all probability, the cough is from another source. That does not mean that it is not serious, so, again, see your doctor about it. Good luck.
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    I had a lower right lobectomy in Sept of 05 and yes, I also have a cough. It is not constant, but it does occur more than before I had the surgery. Like yourself and plylmouthean, (hi by the way!!), my tests come back ok and the dr. told me it was nothing to be concerened about because it's a dry hacking sort of cough. I do notice wheezing at times but that could be due to all the humidity in the air lately, (seriously looking forward to fall weather!). I would talk to the dr, but try not to be too alarmed.
    Good luck and God Bless you!
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    same as you 'cept I was Feb 2005... and I've had a cough sometimes dirty and sometimes green, every 3 months a CT Scan and there's nothing. No blood, though. No I haven't noticed the different sound. That's kind of neat.
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    I just completed a right middle lobe thorectomy. I too am coughing ALOT! The doctor says there is still a few inches of fluid in my lung cavity. He wants it to resolve on its own if I am not too breathless as draining it might lead to a collapsed lung. However, the cough is bothersome when I start talking and sometimes I have difficulty catching my breath then. The Xray picked up the concern, but as I said, we're doing nothing as of now. I hope it gets better for both of us. About the change in sound, my cough is just weaker and sets off easier, not a different tone.