Relief from Pain

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Just wanted to pass on some help that I got for dealing with pain. Ever since treatment (particularly the radiation part) My muscles in my neck, shoulder, arm and all the way down to my fingers have hurt or been numb. I did the orthopedic drill.. but got very little relief. But in the last two weeks I tried going to a Chiropractor.... He has been able to give me a substantial amount of relief. I was always taught that Chiropractor were not real Doctors... but boy was I wrong. He takes the time to understand the pain and has done more to help it than working with an orthopedic Doctor for 4 months did.

So if there are others of you who are afraid to try something like going to a Chiropractor.. you might find out that they can deal with some of your aches and pains as well as mine did.

Take Care... God Bless....



  • KathiM
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    I went to Palm Springs just for an unwind...and my massage therapist actually REDUCED the size of the numb area left from my node removal...yes, I believe in complementary medicine...of all sorts!
    Thanks for the info, Susan!
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Thank you so much, Susan. I need to investigate that.