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Hi all,

Sorry it took me so long to post this.

Briefly I am a colo-rectal cancer survivor. I started HRT a month ago and shortly there after had a tender hard spot on my breast. I had mammo and ultrasound done. They both came back negative...yay. They told me though to get a second opinion from a surgeon. It was kind of weird that they didn't find anything at all. We were thinking there was going to be a cyst

So I'm going to make an appt with a surgeon next week. I'm still trying to decide whether to go back on HRT. It is only for bone loss and for vaginal issues. Which is another annoying problem actually. I had a cervical polyp found and removed last week also. They said they are common, but I read that they can be an abnormal response to estrogen. I am using Vagifem, a vaginal estrogen right now. (But off the systemic HRT).
Just annoying stuff....for most part doing great.

Thanks again for all your wisdom and support!



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    Happy dance!
    I was told cause of my bc (ER+) after my crc that I couldn't use HRT...(man this sounds like alphabet soup...LOL). BUT, my onc has me on Actonel for the bones, and said that (interesting) I could use vaginal estrogen to combat the dryness...the estrogen is not very absorbable by the body.
    I'm no doc, but since your body seems to be reacting to the HRT, I'm not sure you should be going in that direction...take it from one who knows...breast cancer is NOT a good backup to colorectal cancer!!!!!!!!
    My friend the GYN says that he still uses HRT if the symptoms are too bad thru menopause...but he no longer routinely recommends it because of the side effects...sounds like you are having one...cysts in the breast...
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Really happy for you. That is great! Excellent news! I agree with Kathi. You might want to condsider staying off HRT. YOu don't want to buy trouble. It comes calling often enough! Ask about alternatives. There are many!


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    I used HRT for years and loved it .... until I found out I had breast cancer.... mine was er+/pr+... so no more HRT was allowed. But I have found that Replens (you can buy over the counter in the drug store) does wonders for vaginal dryness (my onc won't even let me use estrogen cream) as for hot flashes many women can use effexor... it didn't work for me ... so I just use 1000 IU of Vitamin E. It helps... but I still have flashes...just not as bad. And for bones.. I take 2 calicium tabs w/Vitamin D. Of course if my bones get worse they will switch me to something like fosamax.

    Just a few toughts if you want to avoid the HRT.

    Take care.... and hope you have many happy years with NED (no evidence of Disease)....

    God Bless

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    Please keep away from the HRT - I was on it for a yr. & half before estrog. pos. BC - have been cancer free for 5 yrs -also am on aromasin - finally my hot fl. have subsided but i layered & used fans all year roung & it was worth the aggravation -take care -mary