Mopar, how are you?

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Hi there everyone. Monika, did you see your doctor on Friday? What all did he say? I bet he is happy about your number being 8, and your Cat Scans showing clear. How are you feeling. I'm so excited for you - your last chemo on the 19th! I have my fifth on the 28th. I'm a little behind you. My last CA-125 after the 3rd chemo was 71. So, the large drops have slowed down. I won't know what the number after the 4th chemo is until the 28th, when I see my doctor, and get chemo. Hope to hear from you.....Lots of hugs, MM


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    Thank you so much for asking! The appointment went well - all looks good. My level is still 8, so we're definitely pleased with that. I have been having pain on my lower right side near my hip, so I will get a bone scan in August. I will also get my follow-up CT scan and yearly mammogram in August, then see the doctor again. As you know, one tends to notice every little ache or pain, so hopefully this 'side pain' is nothing. In the meantime, I'm not exactly looking forward to the next 2 weeks or so (when I feel my worst), but certainly ready to celebrate my LAST treatment.

    Glad to hear your count is at last not going up. That's always the best way to look at it. And you still have 2 more treatments to go, so I'm sure it will come down again. Please keep us informed.

    I'm going to try to enjoy today (even though we will have a heat index of over 100!). And I will continue to focus on the positive. As always, prayers and hugs to you too! I'll be waiting to hear your 7-28 results!