pregnancy after HD....

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i had HD when i was 14... i know a lot of people on here have already asked for advice on getting pregnant after HD... i'm 18, not ready for a baby yet, ha, but i would very much love a house full of screaming kids one day.

my question, however, is, does anyone know about being put on the pill? i heard that it can further decrease the chances of someone like me getting pregnant later on. i've wondered if that has any fact to it. i would hate to later on realize maybe i could have actually had children of my own but i screwed up whatever remaining chances i have left... so if anyone has any feedback for me, it would be much much much appreciated. thank you.


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    nichole I had HD at 24 and went on the pill for 4yrs after till I thought it was safe and came off them at 28. I had my first child at 30 and my second at 31. hope this helps! Best of luck!
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    Hi Nichole.
    I was 25 when I had HD, that 1999, my last treatment was in October of that same year. In May of 2001 I went back on the pill for two months, went off, September of that year I got pregnant. October 3rd had and ultrasound and was pregnant with twins. Being pregnant was a shock because they drs. told me I had no chance but to there and my surprise there was 2.