Here I Go Again

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In February 1998 I had my left lung removed due to nsclc. It was in the lower lobe and to the doctors surprise was also on the arterial part of the lung. I went through 33 sessions of radiation and had a scan every 6 months for awhile, then once a year, and this year the doctor decided to just do an x-ray. Well they said there is a shadow on the bottom of my right lung and now I am going to have to have a scan. I have not worked since my surgery due to COPD in the right lung. I know I am a very lucky person to survive this long and if not for my wife, who has MS and works full time and is going to college, and my son I would not be able to make it through this. Thank God if you are as lucky as I am to have someone as strong as I have to go through this with me.


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    I'm convinced that a good number of people inflicted with this disease don't survive be cause they don't have the strong support system.
    You are truly blessed to have the support you do. I'm helping my wife through NSCLC right now. Upper and center left lod removed.. The bloody tumors cme back within 40 days of the surgery. Chemo and radiation have arested it all for now. She at the tough spot.. thinking she can't go on.. I've told her no dark side of the force allowed here. We will prevail... Good bless all you survives for demonstrating to the rest of us ther eis a happy ending. Hang in there buddy you'll get through it.