Lung Cancer 05/ Now Bowel problems and bladder ....Could it be back?

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I had 1/2 right lung removed from squamous cell carcinoma.....a year ago. In Dec. thin stools ..muscus.....bloating started ....finally doc has ordered colonscopy next week but that Thursday my bladder started to leak. My pelvic looks like i am five months prego. NO blood in stools or urnine.....but discomfort will not leave....left hip area also hurts.....
Any ideas out there.....what should I be watching for.


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    I assume your doctor has ordered a full body a CT Scan and that you have had it this week. If not, that is what you need to call him and ask him for ASAP.
    My cancer has gone all over. They find it with CT scans every time. I have CT's every three months.