Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you

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I am very new to this website. I was diagnosed in 2004. I am used to being a loner but now feel the need to converse with others who understand Cancer. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could include myself in conferences, etc, support groups for survivors. I live in a very small town so there are no support groups in the area. The closest one is 2.5 hours away. If you can provide any suggestions, I would be very grateful.


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    Welcome, Dannette!
    You have come to the right place, for starters. As well as these discussion boards, there are two active chat rooms where things can get VERY word of caution...we don't just talk about cancer all the time. There is more to life than that! We have survivors, caregivers, and people that have been touched in other ways by cancer. Hey, 2 YEARS! That is quite a milestone for a survivor! Congrats!
    Also, on the main ACS Home site, there are news items, press releases, online support groups, local groups, anything you would like.
    I have gone one step further and volunteered as a legislative ambassador for the American Cancer Society. (That means I get to participate in reminding our governmental representatives that they need to back cancer research funding).
    If you would like, at the bottom of my reply there is a flying can email me at my screen name....
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi Dannette,

    Welcome to the raggedy bunch. I live in a large city, but have chosen to participate in online support groups. I find the actual ones a lot less fun. You can usually count on a couple of people here to cheer you up when you feel down, reassure you when you start to worry, and just make you laugh. Ksthi gave you excellent advice. Oh, and I have participated in a BC walk which I found rewarding.


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    Welcome... I hope you will find this web site to be useful. I have found it to be both a friendly and informative place for me.

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    this is a great site to find support. like Kathi said, you can go into the chat rooms or post your thoughts here. i also always kept everything to myself - let's face it - cancer is not something that's easy to talk about and people that never had it just don't understand what's going on inside our heads. i go into the chat rooms a few times a week and i really enjoy it - if you do have something on your mind you can toss it out there and there are plenty of people who can relate to whatever you're going thru. good luck to you - keep us posted on how you're doing. :-)
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    I read your posting and I too was diagnosed in 2004, attended a b/c support group but it disbanded and I too miss talking with women who understand. I like this website as you get to talk with people who truly understand.
    I am going for my 2nd mammo on July 26th and already am stating to feel anxious. How do you deal with anxiety. any help you can give me i would appreciate.
    thank you