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I had a hemiglossectomy in February of 2004 which took away nearly half of my tongue and part of the back of my throat. The first cancer surgery was in 1983. I have had several smaller tongue surgeries until the massive Hemiglossectomy. My problems are I cannot swallow, am on a feeding tube for all my food and speech is strained. The biggest challenge is I have a large continual mucous buildup in my chest. I cannot cough hard enough to clear it and I cannot swallow to clear it. I have exhausted every known physician suggestion from mouthwash to vinegar. Does anyone else suffer from this situation? Any successful remedies? Thank you.


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    I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. You may want to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with information and resources. They can be reached by clicking on the "Contact ACS" link at the top of this page or by calling 1-800-227-2345.

    Take care and be well,

    CSN Dana
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    Hi. I had a hemiglossectomy in 2/04 also; they took nearly 1/3 of my tongue and replaced it with a flap from my right forearm. I'm very lucky in that speaking and eating are unscathed. I've noticed that I have a lot of mucus, too. It was easier to get rid while I had my trach in (but I don't want to go back to that), so I've been taking minimal doses of antihistamines, decongestants, and cough medicine that thins the mucus (Robitussin DM). You might also want to keep your surroundings moist with a vaporizer. If you have a suction machine, like you'd use with a trach, you might want to cough "stuff" up as hard and far as you can and then suction it out. Yeah, it's pretty disgusting, but it's worth a try.
    Talk to you later.