giving up hope

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Hi all,
Its been awhile since i posted anything. I was diagnosed in april of 05 with stage 3 nsclc. i went thru chemo, rads, and surgery. A few months ago was told it had spread to the brain and i had a gamma knife treatment. Get results on july 10. Was also told that it had spread to both lungs awhile later. Started tarceva, couldn't seem to handle it, had a bad reaction i guess. Wasn't working anyway. Am currently on alimta, had a ct of chest and get results on the 6 july. I seem to be depressed and not very positive anymore. Just waiting for the inevitable. I have decided that if the scan does'nt show a DECREASE in tumors (vrs just stable disease) i am going to give it all a break. I seem to have went downhill since the tarceva and continue to struggle with poor apetite and fatigue. I won't live my last days like this. i will go the natural route with vitamins, good food and exercize to make myself feel better.Anyways thanks for listening. I read your story Ernie and wish that my dr. had given me the tarceva with my chemo in the beginning. He treated you VERY AGGRESSIVELY.I wish you continued good health!!God Bless you all!!


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    Radiation side effects
    My mom has stage IV NSCLC with brain metastases and is undergoing whole brain radiation. Before her treatment she was only suffering from "vertigo-like" symptoms and more mild nausea from the tumor near her cerebellum. She was still vibrant, however, talking, eating and with such a sense of humor. It seems like since the radiation, she is now deteriorating. She's tired all the time which I know is from radiation but she is also soooo nauseous that she can't even move. She's afraid to change positions and just wants to lie in the same position all day long. It could be a radiation side effect or even the metastases - has anyone had similar experiences with radiation???
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    It would be easy to say 'don't give up hope'! But I'm not walking in your shoes. I say that you're very brave and very strong. I have metastatic renal cell carcinoma (now stage IV lung) and decided long ago that I wouldn't opt for any treatments. RCC really doesn't respond to anything anyway and I won't live whatever is left of my life feeling like crap or being sick from some trial drug. So I just go about the business of living my little life and seeing my best friends (who know and are oh so supportive) and my family (who don't). I figure the only one who knows when I'm going to die is the good Lord and he hasn't whispered that information to me. I hope you've got some friends and/or family who you can talk to. And keep praying - God listens - and He's into miracles - even now.
    God Bless!
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    Don't give up hope. Hope, positive attitudes and FAITH are all we have. I am thinking of you and wishing you the best.
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    I was just reading over your posting. I have noticed a lot of people have not been able to tolerate Tarceva. I also notice that they are given 150mg of Tarceva. I was only given 100mg. I wonder if that could make such a big difference. Maybe it would be worth trying Tarceva again at a lower dose. I think lots of water and the exercise that I do make a difference. If one can not exercise to the point where they sweat I think that a hot tub will help sweat the toxins out of your body. The AHCC that I take I believe also helps. It took three months before I was cancer free. I still take Tarceva and it has been about a year. Don't give up; just make up your mind that you will beat this. God still does miracles.