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My husband was recently diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcenoma of the stomach. He has a tumor that came through the lining to the outside and a few spots were found on the peritoneium. So far no other involvement. He just started chemo last week and did fairly well. Two things are his main problem. He gets very tired and has little appetite. Does anyone know of supplements that can help with this or what can he do. Also one side effect is neuropathy of the hands and feet. What helps with this and how long does it normally last. Please help me help him. He told me today he wants an appetite back and some energy. He goes one week on, getting cisplatin and taxotere on monday, then wears a pump for 5-FU till friday. Then he has a 3 week break till the next bout. Will he feel any better in those 3 weeks? He then got a shot for his white blood cells , that made him achy all over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I'm 35 years and have stomach cancer. I have two weeks left of the 5-FU pump in my treatment. In my situation regarding appetite smoothies and sourdough bread were the only things that interested me. Fatigue is a good question for me. I'm a mother of two boys 2.5 and 4 years old they really don't allow me to have any down time. As we all know mom's don't have time to get sick. However, when I was extremely fatigue I just rested. During the three week rest I would feel better the last week and then came the chemo. I'm sorry about the neuropathy I did not experience this situation. I got a shot today and what I do is take tylenol ahead and during. It helps with the joint pain. I wish all the best and please feel free to contact. It's been difficult to communicate with stomach cancer patients.
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    My brother-in-law has just recently been diagnosed with a similar stage 4 adenocarcenoma and we are all in shock and frantically trying to get as much information as possible. Chemo has been suggested. Any help or advice you can give us at this early stage would be invaluable.
    We hope there is positive news for your husband and our prays and thoughts are with you all.
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    there are always days that food does not appeal to those going through chemo what helps me is ensure and vitamins and milkshakes yum:) of course you may want to check with your oncologist to see what he suggests but i myself was able to tolerate the ensure and milk shakes~hope all goes well:)
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    I also was diagnosed with adenocarcenoma last oct.Had 1/2 of my stomach removed followed by chemo and radiation. I just finished my last round 3 weeks ago. The only thing that helped fatigue is rest. I still have to lie down in the afternoon. Stoneyfield yogart(organic) has been my best friend. It also helps regulate bowel movements. Also a reguler multi-vitamin helped the appetite.
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    Rest is the only cure for fatigue. If your husband is not getting a steriod with his chemo ask if he can. The effect is temporary but it will give an energy boost for a few days. As to appitite pot does work, even if the govt. does not want to believe it. It also reduces naseau. Good luck.
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    I feel sorry to hear your husband. My advice is that you may have a look at the website:
    Their products may be of help!
    Blessings to you and your husband.