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2 years out of initial breast cancer diagnosis. I have now been diagnosed with bone cancer. I'm 43years old with involvement in spine, hips, pelvis, ribs, etc. They have started me on Zometa, changed my meds from Tamoifen over to Aromasin (estrogen positive) and using radiation and pain meds to control pain. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME HOPE ?
Thank you.


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    Dear LORD, I lift up to you Kate as she is going thru this valley. Let her climb to the mountain top and SHOUT...the beast is gone with Your healing hand. AMEN
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    I can not give you experience.... but I can add an additional blessing.

    Take Care... God Bless....

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    {{{Kate}}}I'm so very sorry. That is the news that none of us ever wants to hear, but each of us knows that it is always a possibility. My dearest Kate, there is every reason to have hope. New drugs are being developed all the time. It's time to put on your armor and fight this dreadful beast. We are all here to lend you support as you go through this. You have done this before, you can do it again. I hope you now have the pain under control. YOu need all your strength. We will be with you as you take this on. Please stay strong and remember that we are always here.

    Love and Hugs.

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    I thought I was in the same boat last week...hip pain. I can sympathize with the pain...almost dug out my Vicodin stash.
    H - Have a good cry
    O - On with the fight!
    P - Participate in your treatment plan
    E - Expect nothing less than NED!

    P.S. Over on the colorectal board, there are many stage 4 survivors, some with bone might lurk there, too...
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    I am very sorry you have to go thru this. Please do not lose hope. I do not have breast cancer but I have a rare tumor in my head with many mets along my spine, sacrum, pelvis, femur, clavicule, lungs.

    I do not know if all bone mets are treated the same. For me, there is no cure but I get radiation if any of the mets on bones are causing pain. I've known other people with mets on bones who get Zometa and it seems to help them as the mets absorb calcium from the bones and Zometa helps that. I do not take Zometa, don't know why exactly, my onc said Actonel is better for me plus calcium.

    Check with your doctor, perhaps some exercise like walking can help strengthen bones too.

    I know it is scary but don't give up hope yet. You are going to be in my prayers, ((((Kate)))).
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    I too am sorry to hear such new. In the Gallery there is a cancer saying that came out of the book Soup for Your Soul Cancer Survivors Story. I read it everyday and helped me to consentrate on the things that were truly important.
    Yes there is always hope...
    There are truly amazing stories of survival out there and one has to be inspired by many of them. I have known people personally who were told to go home and get their lives in order for they had only months to live. 5 years later a woman I know who has one of the rarest forms of blood cancer was told she was likely to have a heart attack before the cancer ever gets her now. She too took an active roll in her treatments often through research asking to try some new drug therapy that they hadn't even thought of to try.
    We need to believe there is something bigger than us and why not survival!
    Be good to yourself always,
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    It is so very scary, isn't it? Mine has spread to the rib. I can give you hope though. A woman sat next to me in chemo one day who had bone cancer off and on for 20 years. She looked great! Got to see her children grow up and have grandchildren, and the bone cancer is still under control. Other people have this kind of result, so WHY NOT YOU?!