2 weeks into Chemo

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Well despite all my fears I have survived my first 2 weeks of chemo (6 wks Dose Dense AC + 6 wks Taxol)with little effect. Lost a nail and got a few mouth sores. Thanks to this board I controlled sores using combination on ideas such as ice, gum, and Nystatin. I also sleep at some weird times but what the heck. The scariest side effect so far is knee pain. I was having a hard time going up stairs again, thanks to this board I added lots of walking to my daily schedule and that also disappeared.

So long as my count is up (it was very low last week) I will be able to check off another invusion on Tuesday.

So I guess what I'm really trying to say is thanks to everyone for your advice and comments regarding BC and the treatment involved. Ya can't get this stuff in books.

I have yet another question. WHATS UP WITH THE BLUE BOOB! Will the dye ever go away? I have plenty of scars that will remind me about this adventure but I hope the color blue won't be one of them.


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    Sorry, didn't get the blue boob so don't know. Glad chemo is going OK. Be gentle with yourself. Expect each time to be a little longer to recover. I had similar to you 6AC then 12 TAxol. I found by the 5th AC, I had just a few days when I felt fine before I had to be hit again. I can't believe you are losing nails already. Ouch. Mine still hurt - 6 months later. Did you have Neulasta to bring your WBC count up? I'm so glad you are walking. There are so many benefits to walking during chemo.


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    Glad your Chemo is going well. You will make it through just fine. Be kind to yourself and choose the things that are most important to you. As you go further you energy will go down.

    On your blood count, for white blood cells, if you are taking Neulasta and it isn't keeping your count up ask them if they will give you Neupogen. It has to be taken daily (shots) but they made a big difference for me. It allowed me to stay on treatment schedule and didn't give me near as much pain.

    I only had a little blue for the first couple of weeks from the dye. Don't know, sounds like you have a lot more.

    Take Care... God Bless....

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    Well, Sharalee, I don't know how to tell you this....
    I have a blue 'pool' about the size of a quarter. It has been there since surgery, which was last August...sigh...BUT I get some reports that it can fade with rads...
    NOPE, I have my last one tomorrow...still have one blue eye....
    May fade after 6 months....that was February...sigh...
    I am alive, NED, and if the ONLY lasting side effect is a blue pool....well, let me get my pool cleaner!!!!
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hey there,

    Sounds like you're doing very well thus far! It does indeed require trial and error to deal effectively with some of the side effects and this board has a wealth of remedies to try, so thank goodness for that.

    RE the blue boob...I had a small spot of it. About the size of a nickle. It's the leftover dye from the Sentinel Node procedure. (Some surgeons flush the area at surgery better than others it seems) Mine lightened a bit during rads (or became less obvious due to the tanning of rads) and more in the months following and finally was gone. Your body should absorb most of it with time, as my surgeon explained to me. Seems that it took about a year for the very last, faint blue to be completely gone. It wasn't much of a bother to me. We're all different in what annoys us though. Of course, this from a woman who sported her bathing suit, sleeveless shirts, tank tops and spaghetti strap sundresses, scars and all, the first summer after finishing treatment the previous Fall. Ha. My scars were still very pink at that time but nothing a little tan didn't help minimize. So perhaps I'm not the best source for tricks/remedies of camouflage or cover ups? I've pretty much found that if we're comfortable with who we are, warts and all, then everyone around us is pretty much comfortable with us too. Just wanted to share my blue boob experience.

    Hang in on the counts. Drugs are available to address this, as the other ladies have stated, so that you may be able to continue treatment on schedule, so don't worry too much just yet. Dose dense regimens can be a bit tougher on the counts. Most of the women I know who had dose-dense had low counts also but got through fine and you will too.

    Rest a lot, eat well, keep the fluids flowing in and remember the importance of relaxation every single day. Keep up those walks. They're important. I found that I actually felt less fatigued the more I exercised during chemo, even though there were times when I had to push myself to get into a walk, biking or Yoga. I also believe that exercise helps to flush the toxins and by-products from our systems a bit faster...especially combined with lots of fluids.

    Something to try re mouth sores: First, use only an "extra soft" tooth brush. Make a paste of baking soda and water and try brushing with that. I found that toothpaste really burned my mouth and was most uncomfortable to use. Also, make a warm water rinse of baking soda and water and rinse with that at least 3 times/day. (Four ounces of warm water to 1 teaspoon baking soda) It will help prevent dry mouth and also help balance the ph of the mouth, which is very good for your teeth while helping prevent the sores. You may want to ask your doc if you may take acidophilus daily to help maintain your digestive tract, which also helps the esophagus and mouth remain in better balance and less chance of sores. The chemo can upset the healthy, good bacteria in our gut and that's never good. Same reason so many of us get tummy troubles and/or yeast infections when taking antibiotics, etc.. The acidophilus will help restore and maintain the good bacteria. Has millions more, higher quality bacteria than yogurt, without the calories. Worth looking into if your doc sees no contraindications.

    Keep up that good attitude and you'll be done before you know it!

    Warm hugs and good thoughts...

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hey Sassy, hang in there, you will make it. I'm half way through with my chemo, I start the Taxol next week for 4 more treatments. I am sending you hugs and prayers, and I have one more suggestions for mouth sores. It is a prescription from the doctor called "Magic Swizzle", it's a mouth rinse and it numbs everything. In two days I didn't have to use it again. Check it out. I wish you the best, and maybe you'll give me incentive to walk a bit! Stay strong.
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    Hi Sasssy. Glad you are not getting bad side effects. As for mouth sores, I highly recommend "Magic Swizzle", it's a prescription that you rinse with and it numbs your mouth. I used it twice, two times each time and it helped a lot. Othe than that if the sores get bad, I also got an antibiotic from the onc. Be well, and hang in. I have 3 more Taxol to go, we can do it!