Liver Cancer: Need Advice

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My mother (73 yrs) was diagnosed with liver cancer about 3 weeks ago. She started radiation therapy about 4 days after and will complete radiation therapy in 2 weeks. When she was first diagnosed, her primary care MD and oncologist did not tell us what type of cancer, stage, or anything. They just basically started her on radiation therapy. She is taking percocet for back pain.

Also, we had to get her a walker because she cannot walk on her own right now. Her legs are so weak. We don't know if it's because of the pains in her back or because of the radiation.

Can anyone give us some advice on what we need to do or ask the doctors? We just know the results of the biopsy, radiation for 2 more weeks and that's it. This is all a surprise to us and we're basically still in shock. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated of what we need to do. Thanks everyone.