IBC question- Please help!!

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Important question for inflammatory breast cancer survivors--- How long did you have symptoms before you were diagnosed??


  • lileva
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    I am an IBC survivor. I had symptoms for 2-3 months before I was diagnosed. They thought I had an infection first and treated me for that first. When the infection didn't go away, I had an inconclusive mammogram and ultrasound, so they finally did a biopsy. I hope this helps answer your question.
  • tonigary
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    i had silicone breast implants for over 20 years....my ibc was misdiagnosed over 6 mos as silicone mastitis....took two biopsies and several drs.....but went to m.d. anderson and was in clinical trial 7 years ago and still here...my symptoms suddenly appeared after trying hormone replacement.....itching,red breast...then hot, swollen and painful.....three mos after first symptoms had mammogram.....then scheduled removal of implants....my insurance co drug their feet, so weren't removed for another 2 mos.....found cancer then...