What options do pre menopausal +++ women have?

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I have read a lot about tamoxifen resistance for ER+, PR+ and HER2+. What options do pre menopausal +++ women have after they have completed surgery, chemo and radiation??


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    read my post "In today's paper...."
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    i don't know of any other options - my onco says he won't switch me until after i'm done with menopause. he said maybe in a year he will put me on something else, but until then, i have to continue with the tamoxifen. take care. :-)
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    Hi Astrid;
    I'm 47, was diagnosed with breast cancer 11/05 and had a lumpectomy. I am her2+. My oncologist chose this route, Taxol weekly, Avastin every other week, (because I have bone scan suspicious of involvment) I take a zoladex injection monthly and after having not had a cycle for 4 months I started on Femara daily. This is the new drug of choice following Tamoxafin. Having alot of hot flashes has been the worst side effect, even those are improving. HOpe this helps.