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Has anyone been diagnosed with this?



  • KathiM
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    Isn't this the swelling cause by a decrease in evacuation capabilities of the lymph system after lymph removal?
    I have not been plagued with this, but as of the start of my radiation, because I had adriamycin, my risk has doubled....sigh...
    Hugs, Kathi
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    I have not been diagnosed with this but I did a lot of reading about it because of my lymhpnodes being removed. Luckily I have not had it but my doctors said my risk was high. Not everyone receives it and they state exercising your arm regularly helps eliminate it.
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    I have a little of this dued to my surgery. I keep it under controlled by doing arm exercises. When I do some flying I wear a compression sleeve. always ask your doctor about concerns.
  • lucy
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    In December I was diagnosed with a mild case of lymphedema by my surgeon. He sent me to a physical therapist that specializes in this, and she measured my arm and did therapy on my arm. She also showed my husband how to do this therapy on my arm at home. She prescribed for me a compression sleeve for my arm and a gauntlet for my hand. I had a trip planned to Hawaii and she wanted me to be sure to wear them when I fly. The swelling has went down now and I do not need to return for phyical therapy, but I watch it very closely. If I notice any swelling at all, we do the therapy on the arm again. My therapist said that the best thing I did was come to her right away to have it treated.
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    Hello there. Lymphedema is caused when the lymph nodes are removed from a certain area (mine under my right arm). The lymph nodes work like a waterway system to circulate lymph fluids throughout your body, and when the nodes are removed from a certain area, that extremity could back up with fluid (and therefore swell) because there is no effective way for the body to push the fluid back out of the extremity. My case was mild, but is now moderate. It is uncomfortable, but not exactly painful. This is why once we have surgery they say not to have b.p. taken or needle sticks in the affected side. Anyway, i will be going soon for therapy where they'll massage the fluids back out of the arm. Whew that was a long story!
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    I'm having a doppler of my left arm tomorrow to rule out a blood clot vs. lymphedema. I'm sure it's lymphedema, it started when I exercised my arm a little more than I should. My onocologist plans to send me to a lymphedema clinic for follow up treatment.My symptoms were swollen, tender lower hand and arm with limited use. I'll stay in touch let you know what happens.