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I have many questions. I was just researching NHL because my husband spent over 10 years working for a commerical septic company and was exposed to PCB's. A hospital lab test proved he had high amounts in his system. After researching this we learned that it does cause NHL. He is no longer in this line of business but is experiencing a lot of weird symptoms and I do not know if they are related. He gets rashs a lot, has a lot of itching especially on his legs and feets. He is a large man and has not lost any weight but he has some areas on his back that are lumps bigger than 50 cent pieces (the doctor said fat bumps), he also gets these bumps under the skin that raise up a lot. They are the size of peas and he gets them in the armpit area and sometimes around his groin. He has found them in the areas on his sides also but them days later they disappear. He is tired a lot and always has lots of phylum (he suffers from allergies also). He will scratch his legs and feet up now yet there will be no bumps. Does any of this sound like something that would be with NHL or am I getting ahead of myself worrying? Like I said, he does not have any weight loss, still has a great appetite. He is 35 now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Lymphnodes, when, enlarged can be for several different reasons including inflamation, infection ...etc.
    one of the reasons is cancerous cells, your doctor should be able to tell if they are or not, although the only way to conclusivley diagnose lymphoma is with a biopsy.
    on the otherhand, it sounds like your man might be having problems due to his weight, it is undoubtfuly one of the main causes for many diseases.
    I would say before you go to far, treat the obvious problem (overweight).

    good luck.
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    I have lymphoma and get many bumps under the skin usually on my arms. I also have a lot of itching problems, don't know if it is related or not. I have just been told I have a recurrance and am going to the doctor on Wednesday to see what treatment we are going to do. You might want to ask your doctor about getting a PET scan they can really tell a lot about what is going on. I had one in February which showed just a small area in my neck so we took a wait and see ; had another one done 2 weeks ago and now it is showing the lymphoma in 4 different areas....Found a great book to read on the subjact..."Happiness in a Storm" by Wendy Schlessel Harpham, MD. She too is a cancer survivor and I have found the book very helpful. I got it from Amozon.com Best of luck
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