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Durn it...bin awol again working and now have lots of topics to read but will do so "thoroughly". Don't wanna be left "in tha dark" so to speak. Thank you dear friends for your replies to my "good news" posts re; CT scans. Hey...the reaction to the IV I expected never happened, thankfully. It's gunna take me ages to catch up on news here but must comment on a couple I have already read. Sponger....great to hear that things turned out ok for you salt water lacking in your diet?! We hope Aunt Nora is ok too.
Jana....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!Ross((((((Jana))))))Jen
Emily........geez Em....I spent a whole lot of very "thoughtfull" time ready your post about your sister gal. You so bless this group and I agree with others that your story needed to be told. I lost my mum to brain cancer and was not present when she died, nor when my father passed away(he was 41). In some ways I am thankfull not to have been present and to this day believe that I am fortunate to be able to remember them both "as they were". Jen and I did however watch over many weeks Jen's stepfather succumb to lung cancer which was very difficult for us. After watching him(Kevin) battle cancer we both understand just how helpless you must have felt. I know that many times for all our loved ones we wished that it could all "be finished" and that they pass away and yet we still wanted them to horrible to be torn between both trains of thought.
Thank you for your honesty Emily. We know our parents are looking over us and we are sure your sister is looking over you. Believe it or not Emily...I really do tear up every time I see a rainbow....and rainbows will ALWAYS be a part of our life.
huggs.Ross n Jen