PET--results not what I wanted

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Got the results from my first PET today. There is some "activity" in the rectal area. Could be scar tissue or polyps. I have familial polyposis so polyps can always a problem in the tiny amount of large bowel I have left. Oncologist called GI while I was there and I will see him Monday to schedule flex-sig. I have one scheduled for July at another facility but Dr. says we cannot wait that long. I am really pleased to see how quickly he is taking care of this. He says we don't want to play dumb in this situation. Had hoped it would be nothing, but since that's not the case, I am preparing to do whatever it takes.I am afraid, but I fought it once and I will do it again.



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    Hey, wendy -

    FAP is one of those nasty little genetic buggers hat you just never seem to get rid of, eh? I've got his brother HNPCC. A good buddy of mine has FAP. They did a therapeutic colectemy on his amd built a colon/rectum out of his small intestine. It seems to work OK fine for him - he's back at sea and doing well.

    Hopefully your only issue is scarring or "pre-cancerous" polyps that they can excise and be done with.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

    - SpongeBob
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    I know it's scary to not know what exactly is going on, but hopefully it is just polyps or scar tissue. You are in my prayers.

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    Hi Wendy -

    Sorry to hear about the "activity". One of my many PET's showed a similar thing in the large intestine, but concluded it was consistent with colorectal surgery. Nothing has showed up since. SO, while you do need to check it out, hopefully it really means nothing.

    Take care,
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    Hi Wendy!!!
    My prayers and thoughts are with you! Terri
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    Hi Wendy:

    Sound like you're in the hands of a really great doctor who understands the essense of time. I am so sorry you're having to go through this right now. I am hoping hard that it's just scar tissues. You're in my thoughts and I'll keep my tingly fingers crossed for you!

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    You go, girl! You know, since you BEAT the beast before, even if you have to fight again, you have the advantage....because????
    If you won, the beast is a big LOSER!!!!!!
    I'm sending vibes that its only scar tissue...
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi Wendy - Ya docs - and yes, that means plural - don't feel that PET scans are all that great; too many false positives and false negatives. They show "activity" but nothing difinitive. Hang in there and wait for more news. Pray a lot!! Hope for the best. Take care - Maura
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    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
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    Hi, I'm glad your doctor is on the ball with not waiting..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...Audrey
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    Thinking of you. My prayers are with you.
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    hi wendy,
    stay strong and positive. great doc. hopefully only scaring.
    all the best