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Hi all.
I had a long talk with my doc. today and the good news is that I am still NED!!!! My scans came out fine as did my bloods although he slapped me over the wrist for high cholesterol. Jen got a slap too. Her results for her colonoscopy as you know were also good although we are still waiting for 2 biopsies to come back....hopefully they will only indicate the presence of her continuing IBS. I feel a bit like Scouty now being guilty that I am ok and so many of my friends are not yet NED. We think of you all and the horrid stuff that you are still enduring.
Thank you all so much for your support. The weeks since we got home from the States has been a very real worry for us both and your kind words have been so supportive. I was so scared for my gal.
SpongeBob?............Jen and I both wish you and "Aunt" Nora the very best for a good report. I guess that you are on edge too mate. How much longer do you have to wait before the results are in?
I have not been able to get here as often as I would like but rest assured that being NED is not going to keep me away.........I will be here to lend a shoulder as often as I can.
Jen sends her luv to all as do I,
huggs, Ross and Jen


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    Great news, Ross and I am so glad Jen's colonoscopy came back OK so far. My husband too has had good results recently, which nearly brings us to the three year mark since dx. Both of us have somewhat elevated cholesterol levels and I am working on that...what a life, eh? Can't even enjoy some celebratory chocolate or icecream! Still, we are so lucky.
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    Whoo hoo for Ross!!! Thanks for posting this. I was a little worried when we didn't hear from you with the results. I'm doing the happy dance before Kathi gets a chance. LOL.

    Hugs and take care.

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    Great news, Ross. Congratulations!

  • Way to go Ross!!!! As you are so fond of saying, Bert never let go of your seat in the NED room. Hugs to you and Jen both.

    Love Monika

    P.S. I will be introducing (sadly) our best friends, Jim and Sonia, to this group in the near future. Unfortunately, upon our return from Europe, we found out the Jim has colon cancer, two tumors, right side. Surgery is tomorrow. I'll be with Sonia all day and ask this group to please keep good/positive thoughts. Thank you.
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    KAnga, et al. -

    Sorry... my scopes were unremarkable, I do have a hiatal hernia, but nothing else. Auntie Mame's scopes had a cluster of polyps that were excised.

    Going for a CT soon to see about the funky blood counts.

    More to follw.


    - SB
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    Great news, Ross. I am happy for you.

    Best wishes to you and Jen.
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    Hi Ross and Jen:

    Great news on your clean scan!!! Still keeping my fingers crossed for Jen's results. With a clean colonoscopy behind her (no pun intended :) I think we have reason to think that her results will just confirm IBS.

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    So I am seeing that we had good news for 4 in the last few days.....you, Jen, SB and his aunt!!!!!!

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    Doin the NAKED blue and yellow happy dance, Ross! I KNEW it was good!
    Hugs, Kathi
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    Ross, I am very happy for you..Stay healthy..Audrey
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    Congrats on the good CAT scan results. Sounds like Jen is doing well too. That is great news for both of you. I know what it's like to have to worry about getting results of tests, whether your own or a loved one's.

    God Bless,