SO....Let's Talk Celebrations...

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Before I jump into what this message is about, I realize that many have gone through some very rough times lately, and my intention is NOT to make light of it, but to swing the mood around here to a happier side...

October, 2001, I was diagnosed at age 33 with stage 4 colon cancer. (No, that is NOT the happy, cheery part! lol) This October will make 5 yrs since my diagnosis, and my success with whipping this crazy disease. Lisa Rose has coordinated COLON PALOOZA 4 to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia this October. I am looking forward to sharing my 5 yr anniversary with my close friends/family I have met through this site.

Through this site, we have shared tears of joy, fear, anger and hope. Whether you are newly diagnosed, a caregiver, or an old pro to cancer, you know how it has impacted your life. Each breath is more precious than any taken before diagnosis. Each day is a new day to experience life and live to the fullest.

So those of you teetering on whether or not to attend the festivities in Halifax, I am here to tip you to the side of attending. The warmth, humor, and compassion felt at these events is irreplacable. It is not a "why me" pity party. It's a full-blown celebration of life. Something we all deserve. Those who went to Austin can tell you how amazingly fun it is. Those who were in Vegas can echo those thoughts. And we even have TWO PALOOZA PROS who have attended all 3 Paloozas (scouty and LisaRose).

So book your hotels, grab a flight, and meet me and "the gang" for a great time in Halifax!



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    You are so right Stacy! Our trip to Austin was worth every minute and hopefully I will submit a "dairy" of our trip to the expressions page for others to read asap. Sure, there were emotional times but there were also the genuine loving times that were had throughout our stay. There are moments that will be with us forever. Here's a sample;
    Each day we met a "survivor", singing in unison to "we will survive", dancing with Scouty and Lisa Rose, reunion night at Kerry and Merriman's home(and the Mariachi band!), Whole foods tour, Relay for life(I get tears thinking about it!), visit to the American Cancer Society(what wonderfull people!), my birthday at Kays, farewell dinner at Suzann and JR's, San Francisco with Ying.
    So many wonderfull times....stay tuned for the "diary". To everyone...if you get the opportunity...don't miss it!
    Ross and Jen
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    Hi Stacy,

    What A Great Post. . . Thank You

    Andy & I are so looking forward to hosting CP- 4 in Halifax and what a celebration it will be with you celebrating 5 years cancer free. Congratulations my friend. Our plan right now is a wine & cheese party on the opening night at our suite. I have lots of things planned but it will all depend on the number of folks that attend. Having attended all 3 palooza's with my wonderful husband I can't think of anything that could ever take away from the love & friendship that is shared during these events. So make plans now to attend CP4 ! ! !

    Hope To See You All In Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    Lisa & Andy
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    Imagine a room full of semi-colons discussing scars, poop, gas, diet, diarrhea, constipation and then a second later laughing at some silly joke. 5 minutes later, you are remembering one of our fallen friends. Emotional roller coaster but with people that can totally relate to you.

    I have gone to each because, first off I could, but after the first trip I was hooked. I have never felt so comfortable among people I had never met before. Bootie cancer seems to "attract" some really fine folks!!!!!!!!!

    I will be in Halifax and every other palooza as long as my health and finances allow me to attend.

    I just can't explain what I get in return. Come and find out for yourself.

    Lisa P.
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    Hi Stacy:

    Thanks so much for your post! You're a living example of how this damned disease can be beaten! I will definitely try to make it to Halifax!

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    Aw, Stacy....I'm trying to work it in!

    I STILL haven't done my BIG "Hey, it's over" thingy....trying for Halifax...
    Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings...
    Hugs, Kathi