Had to point it out....

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I just read a reply from phillieg to a post. Too powerful to pass by...especially after the recent replies from all you guys to not-so-common areas that the beast has gone....
Philip said "You are not alone..." Boy, is he right on the money! I'm sure that this site is right up there with some of the best oncologists for giving information...from the been there, done that perspective...
Thanks for letting me go on...I'm in my 'so grateful to be here and know you guys' state of mind!
Hugs, Kathi


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    Amen, Kathi. All of us are here for one another. We are not alone on this journey. It is so true that this web site is a Godsend. When I needed advice, people have been there for me. In turn, I have given support. Kathi, you have been there for so many of us, also! Thank you! Terri