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I had a needle biopsy that came back CLEAN - tomorrow I an having another surgical biopsy because they believe it was a false negative. I have never been so scared. THe surgeon is talking stage I or II. Can sonme one please reply - I'm losingn my mind!


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    Many would like to help but, need more details
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    How was your needle biopsy today? My husband had pretty good news today. Dr. thinks his tumor has shrunk considerably and that he shouldn't be as ill for his next round of chemo has he was this time for his first round. Let us know how you're doing.
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    Hi. I just recently had a right upper lobectomy for NSCLC, staged at IB. They believe they got it all, but I'm due for a round of chemo now, to reduce the odds of it coming back. You're in the right place, there are lots of good people here who are, or have been, where you are. No one will tell you that it's an easy thing to deal with, but you CAN deal with it. Support from friends and relatives is a great help, as is the medical team you have working FOR you. Get involved with your treatment, keep asking questions, and make SURE ou trust and are comfortable with your Doctors! Have faith in them and yourself, and you'll be fine!