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Firstly, might I apologise profusely for "my message" which in fact was posted by my son, aged 17, and a know it all one at that. I couldn,t believe it when I saw my name there. He is anti-Iraq war, and as you say, it is his right to have an opinion, but I am really annoyed at him for this. He and his friend thought it was a hoot. I think a lot of countries, Ireland included, have a memorial day and indeed it is an emotional time, and especially for service people and indeed , relatives of those victims of war. I add my sentiments to those of everybody else and once again apologise for that unfeeling, uncaring message.

So sorry


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    Margo -

    Thanks for the note. I respect your son's opinion. I doubt you will find anyone anywhere who is pro-Iraq war; least of whom the people of the coalition forces over there toting a gun.

    I do hope he noticed that I included UK war heros in my post!

    Unfeeling - ah, he was doing his job as a kid (that being annoying his parents - he appears to be doing his job well!)

    Uncaring - Not sure; he seems to care about the issue and was expressing his views. An admirable thing.

    Cheers - and prayers for peace in a region that has known no peace in over 2,000 years...

    - SB
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    How very brave of you to "own up" to your son's post. It really wasn't that bad. Remember, opinions are like ****, everyone has one. I personally am not real supportive of any war either but my mothers only brother was shot down (he was a pilot) in WWII. I get very emotional with her on this day.

    Hugs, Lisa P.