Mantle cell, Retuxan, & Side Effects

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I was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma in October, 2004. Went through 8 biweekly RCHOP. Completed them in March, 2006. CR! Am on bi-monthly Retuxan maint treatment and 16 week CT Scans. Still CR, but last CT suddenly showed a spot of emphysema. Think it is progressing quickly and will see GP soon for further investigation. I don't smoke and am convinced it is a side effect of the Retuxan. Any comments?


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    Hello. The reason for my response is that my wife was treated with retuxan in June and her breathing has gotten worse. I was so confused by this that I began to do some research to find out why this was occuring and that is how I came across your post. I was wondering if you could give me any information you have with the treatment and its effects on breathing. How is your breathing? Again any information would be most helpful.
    Hope all is well.
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    Mantle cell treated with Retuxan maintanence
    Was wondering if you are still in remission with retuxan maintanence. How many years have you been on maintanence.
    Was Stem cell ( from self) ever an option. How did you decide. and How are you now. My husband has completed RCHOP and must
    decide what to do next. Varying thoughts on the matter. Retuxan maintanence is one option.. Stem Cell is also an
    option. Cancer currently is in remission. THanks Any comments